The design comes from our need to serve snacks, fruits and small dishes. Oval shape suit to almost every table. Each tray is hand made and signed. Trays are in three sizes.Our porcelain trays have two different decoration. One present our constant search for colors of water; from deep green through light green and blue to a very dark navy blue. Color glazes are only inside trays. The other one is hand painted. We started with stripes in a different variations, we don’t know where our joy of decoration will take us. Our porcelain products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Material: porcelain
Project: Olga Milczyńska
Year: 2016

small porcelain tray
l 20 cm
w 10,5 cm

medium size porcelain tray
l 29 cm
w 10,5 cm

big porcelain tray
l 44 cm
w 10,5 cm

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