These pots were created by the touch of hands and fingers. In factories, the production of forms and porcelain pots is based on machine work and any touch of a human hand is considered a mistake. Here, it is the opposite; the trace of the hand forms a shape and it is visible in the end product. 632 movements are needed to make a pot.

About twenty shapes, sometimes with barely detectable differences, allow the customer to choose the desired size and shape of a dish. The series includes cups, bowls, jugs and vases.

All the pots are hand made, the final dimensions might be slightly different.

Design: Olga Milczyńska
Year: 2006
On the photos:
Agnieszka Lewandowska, pedagogue
Przemek Sowiński, gallery Lectwo
Photos: Irina Grishina
Photos where made in the flat of Agnieszka and Przemek.



small cup
Φ 8 cm
hi 7 cm
v150 ml


medium cup
Φ 8,5 cm
h 8 cm
v 250 ml


small bowl
Φ 14 cm
h 7 cm
v 450 ml




medium bowl
Φ 12 cm
h 7,5 cm
v 300 ml

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